We are happy to announce the 5th Strasbourg Summer School in Chemoinformatics (CS3-2016) to be held in Strasbourg (France) from June 27th to July 1st, 2016.  CS3-2016 is a unique school mixing students, young and experience scientists.

The program includes  plenary lectures,  short communications, poster session  and hands-on tutorials.

It covers the following themes:

  • Data collections
  • Molecular similarity and diversity analysis
  • Molecular descriptors and molecular representations
  • Machine-learning methods in chemistry
  • Building and validating QSAR models
  • Virtual screening
  • In silico pharmacology

Confirmed speakers :

J. Bajorath (University of Bonn, Germany),
P. Bonnet (University of Orleans, France),
R. Lewis (Novartis, Basel, Switzerland) ,
M. Cecchini (University of Strasbourg, France),
A. Cherkasov (University of Vancouver, Canada),
K. Funatsu (Tokyo University, Japan),
R. Glen (University of Cambridge, UK),
T. Langer (University of Vienna, Austria),
K. Merz (Michigan State University, USA),
V. Poroikov (Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia),
M. Rarey (University of Hamburg, Germany),
G. Schneider (ETH, Zürich, Switzerland),
H. Senderovitz (Bar-Ilan University, Israel),
C. Sotriffer (University of Würzburg, Germany),
I. Tetko (Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany),
A. Tropsha (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA),
J. Gasteiger (University of Erlangen, Germany)

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